Az osztályfőnöki szerep tudatosítása a kooperáció és az interaktivitás segítségével

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  • MOLNÁR Marietta Eszterházy Károly Egyetem Jászberényi Campus
  • KISNÉ BERNHARDT Renáta Eszterházy Károly Egyetem Jászberényi Campus


Making yourself aware of being a form teacher by cooperation and interactivity: One of the good practices ----- The ambivalent relationship to the role of the classmate is strongly felt in school practice. There are educators who are willing to take on the extra task of creating and optimally running a class community in the hope of the extra pedagogical experience and success that they bring. Of course, we may experience a kind of deliberate departure from this work, precisely because of the extra burden. In this context we can refer to the dissonance between expectations and conditions, teacher’s personality, pedagogical preparedness, and other factors. Whatever may be the reason behind not taking up the job of a form teacher it can be stated that those who are motivated for this role can experience the fullness of their teaching activities. With the help of the formteacher, it is possible to work effectively with groups of educators using a lot of collaborative tasks and cooperative techniques. The purpose of joint reflection and analysis is to develop and raise awareness of pedagogical competences, to revitalize the classroom role and to undertake it in a more planned way.




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